The best high waisted leggings for women for any activity

I migliori leggings da donna a vita alta per qualsiasi attività

Enveloping women's leggings that accompany your every movement in maximum comfort.


Galis high-waisted yoga leggings, like those in the Second Skin collection, are designed to hug the body with a shaping waistband that covers up to just above the belly button. The design and elasticated materials allow you to bend and stretch in total safety. Spandex fabric is thinner, lighter and even more durable than traditional yarns. It offers a feeling of light compression and keeps the skin dry as you breathe, stretch and perform different positions.


For leisure and everyday activities, choose a pair of Galis lifestyle leggings, such as the high-waisted V-Style, Marmo and Second Skin leggings. They're made from a high-quality fabric that's the result of a mix of recycled nylon and spandex. The contoured high-waisted design fits the body and feels comfortable, while the elastic waistband ensures a perfect and comfortable fit. You will find many different styles for every style and occasion.

Fitness and training

This expansive collection of leggings features versatile styles designed for gym workouts like high-intensity interval training, weightlifting or the CrossFit. Various models designed for the most demanding workouts are made with breathable fabric. For example, the Galis Solid Shape leggings are elastic and enveloping at the same time, while the high-waisted elastic band covers the core area and offers comfort during movements, stretches and bends. Some models are made with recycled elastane fibers transformed into high quality fibers.

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